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"That's pretty wild man. How did you get the flange effect so pronounced?"

It's actually not a Flange but it's very close, as they are both in the short delay effect family - it's the Pulveriser Comb Filter. That being said, what I am feeding into it has a lot to do with how pronounced the effect is. I As I mentioned above I am using a custom Pulsar based synth. It consists of two Pulsar's as oscillators (2 x 2LFO's = 4Osc's), another Pulsar as a modulator + an RV7000, Comp-01 (Compressor), D11 (Foldback Dist), PEQ (EQ - this is modulated for the filter'ish sweep effect) and the UN16 (Unison). The waveform choice for the LFO's that are the OSC's + usage of the Shuffle and Phase setting + the Unison + the Pulveriser's Comb filter come together to create the sound you are referring to. It can actually get much much meaner if I throw and Audiomatic right before the Pulveriser and use the Psych or Wash preset.

"This track held my attention, that's for sure. Always something new happening. "

This is because it's 100% improvised. What I tend to do a lot is come up with synth patches (I probably made 100 Pulsar synth patches before coming up with one that sounded as good as the one in this track) and then hit record and screw around with either my Livid Base or my PadKONTROL. I set them up so that all the pads are in a specific key/scale and just go to town playing whatever. Typically I will play for 30min to an hour and then go back and slice up the stuff I like, typically into 2 or 4 bar Rex loops. Once I have a decent set of samples I then start setting them up to be played with drums on my PadKONTROL's . You can check out what I mean here:


But for this track I pretty much took a good 7+ minute chunk of what I played, cleaned it up a little and used it. However, I didn't just use it straight up. I took the resulting Midi from playing and recorded 3 times to additional tracks, each time doing different tweaks on the combinator front panel knobs. The made for 4 tracks (counting the original one) of playing that is identical note wise but different sound wise. I then sliced out parts of the different tracks so that typically 2 to 3 tracks are audible at the same time, but never all the synth tracks at once.

"This track held my attention, that's for sure. Always something new happening. I think the kick sounds rad but has too much compression squeezing the transient like it's folding onto itself. But it's a righteous beat. Did you write it? Loop? Sounds like Alt Drums to me."

The drums are a custom Kong kit that I cobbled together from various sources. One source is definitely the Kong Bullet kit since the name I gave it is BulletTrain. I don't know when the snare came from (but I should) and the Kick is a resampled hybrid of the two kicks in the Kong Bullet Kit. As for the beat - I played along with the song and was able to do the whole thing in a single take (which is not always the case). I had goosebumps as I was recording the drum part. It was awesome to hear the whole thing come together. As for the kick - yeah the compression level is very apparent when the synth parts sorta fade during that end sequence. I considered changing it but I felt that would take away from the 1 take real timeness of it and I started really digging the way the end sounds and think the sound of the kick is a big factor in that.

Thanks for the feedback - especially the stuff you wrote in the songs timeline. I really appreciate it. I am going to check out some of your stuff now.

Oh if you're interested in checking out my Pulsar Synth here's a link to the Combinator Patch:


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