My (Not So) Humble Opinion
Monday 12/20/10 at 02:05:18 PM

Decided to post an email I wrote to a friend and former colleague where I explain my obvious disdain for Cloud Computing.

He wrote:

"...I know you are a cloud hater, but there is a shitload of opportunity to work on that stuff."

To which eagerly replied:

I have mislead almost everyone regarding my feelings about Cloud Computing. I do not have a problem with Cloud Computing as a concept. My problem is with the notion of Cloud Computing as a product or technology when it's just bullshit Marketecture for selling one of the following:

1) The excess computing capacity of companies that have created massive, global, horizontal environments (Amazon, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft). These environments were designed to be simple to configure, manage and grow. The nature of such environments (huge scale) demand high levels of automation.

2) All the stuff in #1, but purpose built rather than a repackaging of excess capacity and existing tools. Hosting companies like RackSpace and Media Temple have created Clouds (ugh!) for the purpose of selling generalized computing capacity to the masses.

Cloud Computing is nothing more than what the aforementioned companies have constructed to address Internet capacity/demand for ~25 years. Cloud Computing (the term) was created so that sales people could turn around and sell excess capacity along with automation and management tools created by various operations teams at many of the worlds large Internet companies. The Internet and Computing Industry press have made the term ubiquitous via constant, trumped up buzz (my opinion of course). The idea of Computing as a Commodity (cpu cycles, storage) is not new, unless existing for 30 to 40 years is new. Combine this with the fact that there is no new technology represented by Cloud Computing and it is clear that Cloud Computing amounts to:

- A little technology recycling
- A lot of hot air and conceptual fluff
- An unmitigated marketing success

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