Ascendancy Of Greatness...Accurately Predicted
Saturday 03/19/11 at 10:54:29 PM

For those that are just learning who Jon Jones is after his dominating win tonight over Mauricio Rua (to become the UFC Light Heavyeight Champion) know that your's truly and an old friend predicted the coming of the aforementioned Jones. Here's a Facebook back-and-forth between myself and Jeremiah Mason 8 months ago:

August 1, 2010 at 10:27pm

Mike Marschall -> Jeremiah Mason

This is so frustrating:

"UFC prospect shines Jon Jones (R) was too quick for Vladimir Matyushenko. Cagewriter: Test passed"

The guy is already one of the best in the division and unless he has a complete meltdown he will be the best light heavyweight of all time. I thought everyone knew that until I started seeing the "prospect" label.

August 2, 2010 at 2:45pm

Jeremiah Mason -> Mike Marschall

They need him on main cards..i know there trying to build name reconition, but he's got it all...i think he's more polished than Ryan Bader, yet he's on the main card against little Nog...maybe there just keeping him back to see if anyone comes up with an answer forhim...Matuchinco/Hamil/Bonner(allegedly) world class wrestlers destroyed...give him a wc striker and i guarentee Bones is to fast for them..his only thing that needs to be tested is his chin and cardio, how he reacts if game plan A isn't working..I tell everyone who will listen, jump on this train while u can, cause once it gets going, there will be no room

August 2, 2010 at 2:45pm

Mike Marschall

Yeah there is no doubt they are trying to milk it to maximize things for everyone. He would smash Bader. Yeah the bandwagon is going to get full really fast. Baring some freak accident, I can almost promise he will be the richest fighter in MMA before he is done and he will definitely be considered the greatest of all time. He is talented, mature and marketable.

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