Release Notes
Monday 08/08/11 11:54:56 AM

Complete Rewrite

Cleaner, More Efficient, Faster, More Modular

Divorced From Ambit

Ambit was always going to become general purpose tool and not beholden to Massh, regardless of the fact that Ambit wouldn't exist without Massh's dire need for it. Massh no longer cares what supplies it with an enumerated list of hosts. Additionally Massh has an option for specifying what (if not Ambit) will enumerate hosts. In the near future both NIS NetGroups and Genders Host Ranges will be tested and supported.

Simplified CLI

Massh commands are shorter, easier to remember, devoid of the typical dashed-option minefield and grammatically self evident.

Pull Functionality

Pull the same file from hundreds of hosts in seconds - each file gets stored in hostname derived directories.

Script Push and Run Is Now ScriptPushAndRun

No longer is this a two (sometimes three) step process for each host (push, then run, then cleanup). Massh'ed scripts are now piped over the single (per host) SSH connection for execution, but never stored on the remote host.

Configurable Options

System wide and User specific options (# of Parallel connections, Massh run Timeout, Debug, SSHLogLevel, etc.) can be changed via simple dialogues.

Short Commands

Add shortening or abbreviating to the already leaner cleaner CLI syntax (massh list options == massh ls opts).

Connection Persistence

If Massh is run in combination with OpenSSH >5.6 it will adhere to the following options if set : ControlMaster ControlPath ControlPersist. When these options are set Massh is able to achieve sub-second results to hundreds of hosts (results will vary - how cheesy does that sound?).

Multi-line Output Separator

Massh continues to stand apart when it comes to perfectly sequenced, grouped, multi-line output by adding an option for clear separation between each host's output.

Configurable Default Behavior

The SubCommand option provides the ability to lock in Massh's default behavior (verbose [full output], push, execute [script], etc.). It's also another way to further simplify/shorten Massh commands.

Now 100% More Man

Massh now comes with a man page in addition to the default help txt (massh [ help | -h | --help ]) and the documentation that is being continually updated here on this site.

Go ahead, you know you want to check out MAN MASSH ;^)

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