Service! - Created Last Year, Delivered This Year
Friday 08/17/12 06:36:45 PM

The latest Massh OSX Package is : massh-2.0-58.zip

The latest Ambit OSX Package is : ambit-2.0-40.zip

I finally got around to providing a link to the OSX packages that I generated for Massh & Ambit about a year ago for my friend Felipe. Failing to be Johnny-On-The-Spot for stuff that ALREADY EXISTS and therefore required almost no effort to provide is obviously LAME. Srsly, I got no excuse and wouldn't put up with one from anyone else, so....

In other news: I've had Massh & Ambit updates in the can for months but sadly never find the time to do an actual release (Freshmeat, Sourceforge updates, announcements, packages, documentation, writeups, new features & some douchy bragging). I've had new ideas for Massh, Ambit & a bunch of stuff that I keep putting off releasing for a while as well. Hopefully soon I will get some of it out there. As for those that have sent requests, made suggestions and pointed out bugs, I have not forgotten about any of you and will be sure to either incorporate your *stuff* or (at very least explain) why your *stuff* wasn't incorporated.

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