I Thought This Was What Pens Were For
Tuesday 07/26/11 04:22:59 AM

A couple months back I put all my *fun* projects on hold for a day or two in order to finally deal with something that was becoming a huge waste of time (not to mention a pain in the ass). Of course I am referring to bathing...err I mean, manually building and deploying packages to my environment - specifically RPM's. I was able to work out something that tracks revision updates from Subversion, updates the local copy for projects that are updated, {cleans,readies} a build tree, builds an RPM and finally copies it to the directory where some Yum automation is happening. One of the slick things I managed to pull off was the establishment of a single RPM spec template that I use to automatically generate spec files for all projects (8 of them at the moment). I really like not having to deal with spec files anymore.

Anyway, the last bit of functionality that I needed to incorportate into my SARGENT BADASS auto packaging extravaganza, was the ability to automate the signing of all packages with GnuPG. I was able to finally work this out last night and in celebration I am posting my key for the world to ignore:


In order for RPM to verify that the package you have was signed by me (and therefore AWESOME or something) you will need to import my key into your RPM database:

outbreakmonkey $ sudo rpm --import http://m.a.tt/er/RPM-GPG-KEY-matter
outbreakmonkey $ 

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